Hot tub care, made simple


3 easy pre-measured pouches, 3 months of hot tub care, 3 simple promises or your money back!  


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#1 - Start

3 amazing water softeners 'start' your water looking and feeling AMAZING for 3 months!

Premeasured hi tech science formulation keeps your spa's mechanical system as safe and comfy as it does for your body.

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#2 - Weekly

Keep your water clean, fresh and super soft by using nature's greatest cleanser -  oxygen - to remove all the icky things (lotions, deodorants, sweat, soaps, etc.)

PLUS keep your hot tub clean and happy by preventing scale and mineral accumulations.

PLUS keep your filter cleaner - yep, one less thing to have to worry about as often!

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#3 - Finish

In 15 minutes , Finish's special blend of botanicals and cleansers will eradicate anything in the hot tub pipes and mechanicals that you can't see.

Cleanse, freshen and prepare your spa to fill again for another 3 months of simple hot tub fun.

It’s a facial for your hot tub.

When and How Much:

  1. Simply, fill you hot tub and add the pre-measured 'Start' pouch, one 'Weekly pouch and your choice of sanitizer (chlorine, bromine, salt, you pick!)

  2. Once a week, add a Weekly pouch and adjust your sanitizer level as you need.  PLUS you can start soaking just 15 minutes later!

  3. When your 3 month cycle is done, 15 minutes before you drain the hot tub, add the Finish pouch.

    * can't drain your spa every 3 months (Canadian winter?) - contact us for the secret on how Trio still works for you!


We want you to have the best experience possible. Here is our promise: 

  • If it isn't easier to care for your Hot Tub
  • If you don't love your Hot tub more
  • If the water doesn't feel better

100% MONEY BACK - no qustions asked.

I think of Trio as a box of cake mix for my spa.  Premeasured to always turn out PERFECT.  I love it!

Ashley S

Edmonton, AB